Billboard Women in Music 2015


We’re taking a quick glance back at 2015 before we charge ahead into 2016 with you! First, we’d like to congratulate and thank all of our clients for such a successful year in events. We’re looking forward to working on some great events this year and hopefully adding some additional ones along the way.

CheckIn Tech was not only doing events in NYC, but we continued to expand to new and exciting cities. In addition to working events in locations such as London, Paris, Boston, Chicago, Palm Beach, Washington, and Los Angeles, we were excited to work on events in Manchester, San Antonio, and Montreal. This year we continued our growth working alongside some of the world’s top event planners, corporations, non-profits, fundraisers, and organizations.

From benefits to galas and everything in between, we curated one-of-a-kind services for each individual event creating a great guest experience. Our services were provided to check-in guests ranging from 75 person events – all of the way up to 4,000+ galas! On our busiest night we had 427 iPads in use at the same time for events in 5 different states!

As we continue to grow our team to better serve our clients, we always welcome feedback from you about how we can take your event check-in up a few notches and make it even more memorable and unique. Simply send us your thoughts at

Don’t get us wrong – 2015 was great, but we’re looking forward to an amazing 2016!