Steve Feder first started his career in event management in 1996 as a summer intern in the White House‘s Office of Presidential Advance. In charge of planning and executing all events involving the President of the United States, the Office of Advance provided invaluable experience producing events in a short period of time.

Since Steven’s internship in 1996, he has made a career of working in multiple sectors of the event industry. As associate producer for Rehage Entertainment he helped manage the Revlon Run Walk for Women and the Voodoo Music Experience festival. He went on to consult with MTV, The NFL, The NYC 2012 Olympic Committee, Miramax and the Democratic National Convention.

Steven went on to join the New York City Council as the Director of Events, Director of the Public Private Partnership and the Liaison for Special Events. While working at the New York City Council Steven went back to school to receive his MBA in Marketing. Out of frustration with guest list check in, Steven started CheckIn Tech. to help create a better experience for both event planners and guests at check in.

When not working, Steven enjoys traveling, cooking, poker, tennis, snowboarding and his dog Maggie (Ambassador of External Affairs).